Taylor Swift & Paul McCartney Show Support for Each Others New Albums in an Adorable Way – Billboard

Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift coordinated the release dates for their new albums to avoid overlap, and now they’ve offered fans another glimpse at their sweet friendship.

“Congratulations to my friend @TaylorSwift13 (and her boots) on her wonderful ‘#evermore’ album charting at #1 in the UK this week and no doubt US on Sunday,” the Beatles legend tweeted on Saturday (Dec. 19), predicting a good week for Swift. He shared a clip of himself helping Swift pull off one of her boots, captured by daughter Mary McCartney.

“Everyone stream/buy McCartney III because it’s excellent but also because Paul is the kind of friend who steps in to help you when your boot is stuck,” Swift replied later in the day. “If not for him, it would still be on there.”